This poem was written by a friend of Jeff's. Jeff said that this poem was perhaps the closest reflection of his own testimony relating flight to his relationship with God. I hope you enjoy it as much as he did. Our thanks to Cam Martin for allowing us to reprint the poem here.

Sky Borne Things: A Pilot's Psalm

The grace of line, the shapes that fly
consume my thoughts and fill my eye.
I rest my gaze on things above
then, I'm reminded of His love.

The blue- the cloud- the flash- the thunder
The wing- the roar- the awe- the wonder!
He knows so well these things of joy
He knows my heart- I'm still that boy.

He called to me thru love and grace
thru bright blue skies and midnight space.
He drew me back thru men who fly
to love His Son, who came to die.

God gave me wings to call my own
and with them grander things has shown:
The Spirit walk, the humble heart
the final glide, the daring start.
To be borne up by Hands unseen....
-set safely down in fields of green.

He could but ask, then I would part
with sky borne things-- He has my heart.
He's let me keep them, O what grace!
The beauty of His sky and space...
They're His good gifts, each sky borne thing-
How can I not adore my King?

Vast things are small in His great touch
Yet this big God loves me so much.
When I gaze up, far into space
He whispers- He's prepared my place.

Come!  Meet my God. Come, love Him, too-
and He'll prepare a place for you.
And when you know you hear His voice
Give thanks! Be glad! God calls by choice.

My awesome God of Love and Grace
my awesome God made sky and space.
My awesome God rules sky borne things
as Lord of Lords, the King of Kings.

Each time I gaze on things above
He calls to me and speaks His love.

Cam Martin
September 10, 1994